Cameron Crowe & Pedals/Petals Eluvium 10 inch










Many years ago, Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl-Films Records imprint asked if i would be interested in releasing some music with them via their ongoing 10 inch series.  I was (and still am) incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to work with such good people.  The music created for the series was inspired by my early days of sitting in a room with instrument foot pedals, endlessly toying around for interesting sounds.

Pedals/Petals will see release via your local record store November 25, 2014. It will be available in black or glow-in-the-dark versions, with all copies having glow-in-the-dark spot gloss on the album art. – I hope you enjoy it.

A great deal of thanks to Cameron, Andy Fischer, and all at Vinyl-Films for creating something so nice with me.

more information about the release can be found HERE

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