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Static Nocturne

PURCHASE:  physical sold out | digital via bandcamp

i am often asked what artists and albums are of influence to me
and although i am an avid consumer of music, i am ultimately a fan of sound in a much larger sense.
it is from rain falling, the ocean swelling, the wind picking up, cars driving by,
train yards, box fans, etc.. etc.. etc…
the amalgamation of these things creates a wonderful comfort
and it is in this “static” that ideas and music come to me
the mixtures of these elements create the chord changes and melodies
or are the foundation by which they are found
there is nothing more comforting to me in the world than the flood of this vibration at a constant
“Static Nocturne” is an ode to the process by which inspiration finds me
and an homage, of sorts, to this foundation of noise


1. Static Nocturne (excerpt) An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death