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PURCHASE: bandcamp

Nine short saturnian interludes make up the first proper vinyl release by the sound artist who has intrigued your collapsed antenna many times before as Eluvium, Matthew Robert Cooper. Atmospheric chamber music from the cardboard box vortex. Miniatures moves from swirling spatial feedback manipulations to stripped down minimal piano pieces and back while you watch from the curbside the ghostly parade. Limited to 2,000 copies with the first 1,000 on colored vinyl.

-via Gaarden Records




1. Miniature 1
2. Miniature 2
3. Miniature 3
4. Miniature 4
5. Miniature 5
6. Miniature 6
7. Miniature 7
8. Miniature 8
9. Miniature 9

1. Miniature 3