Eluvium – Pianoworks

OUT MAY 31, 2019 – The new Eluvium album “Pianoworks” + bonus album of reworked older solo piano material + a limited edition sheet music book of all solo piano music is out on 5/31. Order here. Thank you, always. Take care out there. More information about the album available here – https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/albums/products/trr299?variant=22455448600694 all artwork by […]

New Eluvium album out September 2, 2016

hello. the new Eluvium album is titled “False Readings On” and is being released September 2, 2016. It will be available on CD/Digital/and 2xLP Gatefold vinyl – with a limited edition colored vinyl available directly through Temporary Residence Ltd. listen to a track here here are some pre-order links, if you are interested: Mailorder physical […]

– Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 – Vinyl Box Set –

Life Through Bombardment Volume 2 is now available for pre-order through Temporary Residence Ltd. A huge thanks to the ever-wonderful Obsolete World for sharing her process in the making of all of the original artwork for the set. Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 collects almost every Eluvium recording made since the release of the first Life Through Bombardment set back in […]

Marlon Brando Documentary

                          “Listen To Me Marlon” (Showtime Films) features a few Eluvium pieces, as well as work by Max Richter, Rachel Grimes, and Johann Johannsson —  check it out if you have the chance.

Cameron Crowe & Pedals/Petals Eluvium 10 inch

                Many years ago, Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl-Films Records imprint asked if i would be interested in releasing some music with them via their ongoing 10 inch series.  I was (and still am) incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to work with such good people.  The music created […]

Wisdom For Debris

                Wisdom For Debris is an artbook by Oboslete World. Eluvium provided music to accompany the book in an edition of 200 copies. Sold out upon pre-order. The regular edition of the book may still be purchased HERE


Inventions is a new duo featuring Mark T. Smith (Explosions In The Sky) and Matthew Cooper (Eluvium). Their debut album will be released April 1st 2014 via Temporary Residence Ltd. pre-order the album HERE  – or on itunes HERE – listen to 2 songs from the album below –  

Sundance Film Festival

I recently composed a piano piece for Bernardo Britto’s moving animation “Yearbook” – which won the award for best short animation at the Sundance Film Festival  – http://filmguide.sundance.org/film/14011/yearbook      

Charles Long Installation

Artist Charles Long’s “Catalin” installation at the Contemporary Austin has commissioned new ambient work from me for each of the rooms – there will be a limited edition vinyl of the compositions available through the museum the installation runs from January 18 – April 20, 2014 more information as it becomes available http://thecontemporaryaustin.org/2013/charles-long/

Wisdom For Debris – Art Book & Original Music

                        On October 15th, ObsoleteWorld will begin a kickstarter campaign for her book “Wisdom For Debris” Eluvium will be providing original music that will accompany copies of the book. There will be a large amount of original paintings for sale to help offset the […]


                            there is a new Eluvium double album out titled Nightmare Ending —– —– —– it can be ordered on double cd or digital with limited edition art print (+ bonus track) via Temporary Residence Ltd or otherwise pretty much any digital […]

pre-order the new eluvium album

              the new eluvium double album is now available for pre-order as well as a limited edition fine art print from ObsoleteWorld which comes with a digital download of the album PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE – (for those of you that are ordering internationally i want to apologize for […]

don’t get any closer

this is the first song from the new Eluvium album thank you kindly always  

the new eluvium album

there is a new Eluvium album coming May 14th (via Temporary Residence Ltd.) it is called Nightmare Ending –the enormously talented Jeannie Lynn Paske, created all of the artwork love always, matthew    


hello and a happy new year to you – some Eluvium music will be released within the coming months – “pedals / petals”  10 inch will see release on Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl-Films imprint shortly – the new Eluvium full length album is completed and coming soon – i am currently working on a new film […]

new release

my new album, Dedicate Function, is out today it’s quite different from eluvium but i hope you enjoy it nontheless here is an iTunes link to purchase https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dedicate-function/id561585127?ls=1 it is also available from Lefse Records and vinyl will happen in the coming months Eluvium is definitely not over – and in fact – the new […]

dedicate function

the martin eden full length comes out October 9 it is called dedicate function and should be available digitally via the standard outlets as well as cd via Lefse Records —vinyl is on the way as well via The Kora Records i’ll keep you posted on that below are two tracks that have been released […]

there is a whole lot to discuss this year such as Eluvium  “Pedals/Petals” 10 inch coming this fall on Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl-Films label new electronic project under the name Martin Eden (7 inch now available via Lefse Records) new Eluvium full length in the works – a few live performances this spring and summer and […]

new electronic project “Martin Eden” announced

i have started a new electronic project under the name Martin Eden here is the A side to the  7 inch PRE-ORDER HERE