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Inventions is a new duo featuring Mark T. Smith (Explosions In The Sky) and Matthew Cooper (Eluvium).

Their debut album will be released April 1st 2014 via Temporary Residence Ltd.

pre-order the album HERE  – or on itunes HERE

– listen to 2 songs from the album below


Sundance Film Festival

I recently composed a piano piece for Bernardo Britto’s moving animation “Yearbook” – which won the award for best short animation at the Sundance Film Festival  14011-1http://filmguide.sundance.org/film/14011/yearbook




Charles Long Installation

Artist Charles Long’s “Catalin” installation at the Contemporary Austin has commissioned new ambient work from me for each of the rooms –
there will be a limited edition vinyl of the compositions available through the museum
the installation runs from January 18 – April 20, 2014

more information as it becomes available



Wisdom For Debris – Art Book & Original Music














On October 15th, ObsoleteWorld will begin a kickstarter campaign for her book “Wisdom For Debris”

Eluvium will be providing original music that will accompany copies of the book.

There will be a large amount of original paintings for sale to help offset the printing costs etc…

—- more news and updates from the ObsoleteWorld facebook page

– https://www.facebook.com/obsoleteworld

as well as her mailing list via Obsoleteworld.com


i hope everyone has been enjoying my latest double album “Nightmare Ending”

which you can read more about below

i have a few other things coming soon that i hope to tell you about before the end of the year

thank you always for your kindness

take good care,

– m







nightmare ending cd















there is a new Eluvium double album out titled Nightmare Ending

—– —– —–

it can be ordered on double cd or digital with limited edition art print (+ bonus track)

via Temporary Residence Ltd

or otherwise pretty much any digital media outlet, if you so choose

below is some recent press —-

Spin calls Nightmare Ending Essential

Pitchfork “a long glorious exhalation of energies

NPR feature

Here is a recent interview with Line – A Journal

— — —

many of you have been asking about the Pedals/Petals 10 inch in the works

there is no release date set yet – but i will be sure to let everyone know when it is happening

feel free to keep up to date by following the twitter or facebook feeds links-

or if you are (understandably) not into that – maybe sign up for the mailing list on this site

— thank you – always – for caring




pre-order the new eluvium album

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.03.20 AM








the new eluvium double album is now available for pre-order

as well as a limited edition fine art print from ObsoleteWorld
which comes with a digital download of the album


(for those of you that are ordering internationally
i want to apologize for the cost of shipping
unfortunately it is completely out of our control
as USPS international shipping prices have recently skyrocketed
however, we have kept the actual purchase price of the double album reasonably low at $12 USD )

thank you
for your kind words, love and support

nightmare ending ltd edition print


don’t get any closer

this is the first song from the new Eluvium album

thank you kindly



the new eluvium album

there is a new Eluvium album coming May 14th (via Temporary Residence Ltd.)

it is called Nightmare Ending

–the enormously talented Jeannie Lynn Paske, created all of the artwork

love always,






hello and a happy new year to you –

some Eluvium music will be released within the coming months

– “pedals / petals”  10 inch will see release on Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl-Films imprint shortly

– the new Eluvium full length album is completed and coming soon

– i am currently working on a new film score –

thank you all for your love and support



new release

my new album, Dedicate Function, is out today
it’s quite different from eluvium
but i hope you enjoy it nontheless

here is an iTunes link to purchase

it is also available from Lefse Records
and vinyl will happen in the coming months

Eluvium is definitely not over – and in fact – the new record is currently being mixed

but for the time being – if you are into electronic stuff – check out the Martin Eden record

thank you, as always, for your love and support – and all of your kind words and letters